Wednesday, February 6, 2008

To - Do (Short Term)
  • crochet baby blanket for Binky
  • crochet cardigan (red) for Katie
To - Do (Long Term)
  • Crochet Navy Blue Vest for Duncan
  • Crochet Navy Blue Sweater For Duncan
  • Crochet Blanket for Violet
  • Crochet Doll For Katherine

Almost a year later

That new taxi is a pain in my butt. Mike wrecked his Taxi in December so now we are now making two van payments. Mine pays off in March Thank the God and Goddess but good grief does this never end? Deven is going to be 16 months old this month and Katherine is registering for school this week. We now have ferrets, yes 4 ferrets to add to the chaos of this household/taxi service. Ariel (female) approximately one year old, Patrick (female) 8 months old, Deathchild (male) 8 months old, Maverick (male) 3 months old. This is Maverick.